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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Esta é a edição número 100 da MiMi Records.

DESIGN: MiMi Records

Siempre me hace ilusión cuando un netlabel llega a las 100 referencias, y más si todos estos discos estan llenos de calidad como los del japonés mimi, que nos mima muy mimosamente desde hace tiempo a base de pop íntimo y extraño.
Para este número tan sonado han optado por una recopilación sencilla pero muy bien seleccionada, librándonos de un empacho de recopilación masiva, mejor.
La cosa queda en ocho temas y cuarenta minutos de lo que mejor saben hacer. Disfrútenlo.
Oirparacreer (09.12.2008)

For you judgement - 100th release from MiMi records netlabel. MiMi has quite an interesting story behind - the Embassy of Japan supported the Japanese performers in Portugal the country's 460-anniversary of Japanese/Portuguese Friendship. The organizers decided that this idea must grow to something more than one show. MiMi Records was born. To this day netlabel has recorded 102 Japanese and Portuguese artists IDM, noise, experimental music works.

100 Times MiMi Music | The Japanese/ Portugese MiMi Netlabel is not mentioned too often over here at Phlow Magazine. Dunno why this is the case- a deficiency in quality is not the reason. Let's correct this lapse and talk about the compilation "M100", MiMi put online as their 100th release!
To my ears, the influence of Japanese music is bigger on the spectrum MiMi represents. This is not J-Pop but Japanese Pop. Subtle, melodic, eccentric every now and then. Mawkish by chance.

The compilation starts with Asako Fujimoto a.k.a. asakomusic. She travels around the World and accordingly, her music is conglomerate of Folklore and awkward Pop music. Caroline Lufkin afterwards conducts a hymnal Popsong, with some electronics assembling her otherworldly voice. Bewitching. Izumi Mizawa's music sound like processing the lush and warm melodies of Caroline to something artificial- a study on aural harmony

Reiko Matane a.k.a. le mépris a.k.a. pillowdiver is well known for her album on Aerotone. The track on "M100" is a shoegazing piece of Dronepop... solid. Back to the real Pop music with Linda Bjalla (Izumi Suzuki). Piano-drive neoromanticism, not shying away from glockenspiel and reverberated vocals. Got me, somehow. Miki Odagiri deliver Creation Centre-style Avantgarde Pop with loads of loose ends- nice, but I have a certain problem with the vocals...
Phlow (03.2009)



EDIÇÃO : Mi100
ARTISTA : Vários Artistas
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 41'23'
GÉNERO : Indietrónica/Ambiente


01. asako music - Windy Hill Mill   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Caroline - Wonderlust (*)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Izumi Misawa - Libra   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Kaede Mira - Menuett   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Le Mépris - Starethrough one   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Linda Bjala - Tomorrow   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Miki Odagiri - From South   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. Sachiko - The sea without...   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todas as faixas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Capa   [ front + back ]

>> (*) Editada originalmente em V. A. - "Thankful" TRR100. Produzido por caroline & jeffrey lufkin. Misturado por by jason greenberg

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