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Boiar é um colectivo português de exploração da música electrónica e acustica. "Miminhos" são as mais recentes experiências sonoras de Boiar com o título sugestivo.
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Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: MiMi Records PHOTO: Stefan Vasilev

Boiar`s 6-track issue is an interesting album of diverse tendencies and intentions. At times the listener can enjoy airtight dub oscillations (Carinho com Vinho and Delicadeza a sua Alteza are the most clear-cut instances), sometimes more electro-acoustic explorations do appear. Many tracks are spiced up by overdriven acute electronic snaps.

What is more, Primor no Amor is a rank crossover composition which starts off with poignant electro-acoustic developments to progress into a topsy-turvy mix of electronic noises and techno rhythms. Regalo de Estalo is another smorgasbord which embraces experiments with pitched-up and pitched-down electronic bits, hirsute white noise and glitched-out electronics and even some lustful synth pop gears and classical music glimpses.

The issue involves a loads of shadowy sonic elements which might be discovered only after many listening times. Other tracks are also up to prove the artist`s bias to create fast-changing compositions with thought-provoking debris. In a nutshell, although the release contains musical elements of various kind these elements do stick together and demonstrate the artist`s ability for viable sonic synthesis.

Recent Music Heroes (09.2015]


EDIÇÃO : Mi119
TÍTULO : MiMinhos
TEMPO : 48'55"
GÉNERO : Electrónica


01. Mímico Sínico   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Primor no Amor   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Delicadeza a sua alteza   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Regalo de estalo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Carinho com vinho   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Burlesco ao fresco   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todas as faixas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Capa   [ front + back ]

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