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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Quatro faixas de electrónica experimental cheia de emoção, mistério, energia e tensão.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Takuya Minakawa

REVIEWS: MiMi has been releasing music from Portugal and Japan for some time now, and their back catalogue already contains the impressive number of nearly 150 EPs and albums. So it's hardly surprising that over the years it has become one of the most respected sources of electronic music from Ambient to IDM, and from Glitch and Clicks'n'Cuts to abstract and experimental forms of Electronica.

One of the new names on MiMi is Takuya Minakawa. The Tokyo-based artist already released some of his music on his own, spreading the word through his blog and social networks. His most signifying work so far has been a collaboration with the decorated video artist Laura Focarazzo, in which he contributed the soundtrack for her wonderful short film Light Birds. If you haven't seen it yet, please do - it's beautiful!

Takuya released a brand new four-tracker under his moniker of tt-vox on MiMi lately, and it is his most mature work so far. Like his self-released albums, 'The Forest Doesn't Sleep' may not contain music for easy listening, but calls for your time and contemplation. tt-vox develops his very own version of Electronica here, full of strange atmospheres and tension. The opener 'Huntomime' makes you feel like you've just woken up inside a prickling anthill, while the following title track brings back Takuya's characterizing dark piano chords that he has already used to set the mood on his first album 'Nano Piano', accompanied by some spheric and almost cinematic choirs. So by now you should have realized you've just stranded in the middle of a dark forest, just like the EP's title foreshadowed, with lots of life going on all around you. 'Doubt Dust' goes on exploring this fascinating microcosm with some processed electric guitar sounds, bedded on a swirling subsoil of diligent FM-modulated chimes, before 'Mild Control' helps you to see the sunlight gazing through the thick branches again. You feel at home by now, ready to be a part of the most amazing and densely populated ecological system you can imagine. It happened. Kafka knew it all the time ;)

'The Forest Doesn't Sleep' is like looking onto scuttling life through a sonic microscope, and the longer you listen to it, the more details you'll find. Just invest some time, you won't regret it.
Tomasraukamp - 19.08.2010


EDIÇÃO : Mi148
ARTISTA : tt-vox
TÍTULO : The forest doesn't sleep
TEMPO : 12'04''
GÉNERO : Electronica


01. huntomime   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. the forest doesn't sleep   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Doubt Dust   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. mild control   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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