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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Poética, relaxante e simultaneamente dinâmica e electro-orgânica. Composições relacionadas com o circulo interior da existência Humana e Universal, o modo como o Homem cria estigmas e os mesmos conduzem a níveis espirituais: magnanimidade e libertação. Todos os vícios estão presentes mas mentalmente exorcisados em sons e profundas atmosferas.
DESIGN: MiMi Records


<Different concepts of electronic with juts one idea:
Music has the power to free the souls and elevate humanity. Listen “KEEP RECORDING” and you will fell that. People Viewed music as symbolic of cosmic harmony, but you can find that harmony in the chaos like the Xastre's production in “K RADIO EMISSIONS” and “WATERLAND”, with epic emotions (great piano performance, my favorite sound), and ZEN EMBRACE, the reinterpretation of Zen Ambient in total relax. The music is a reflection of sounds produced by planets, as they move throughout their orbits.>
- Martinez (15.10.2004)

<Seven tracks of varied electronics ranging from the catchy percusive rhythms of 'Keep Recording' to the ethereal 'Tantra'. My favorite tracks are 'Trees Over Me' whose initial drones gradually give way to some reveberating electronics & abstract beats and 'The Stigma' with its beautiful synths and sparsely spaced piano notes. Nice listening.>
LAJ (13.09.2004)


EDIÇÃO : Mi017
ARTISTA : Xastre/Leoland Project
TÍTULO : Transparent
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 54'38''
GÉNERO : Electrónica


01. Waterland   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Trees over me
03. Keep recordiing   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. K radio emissions   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Tantra   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. The stigma   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Zen embrace   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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