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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: "Give the finger to spoiler's disk" compila dez projectos japoneses, com visões musicais distintos, entre a predominante electrónica (idm, electrojazz, ambient, etc) e o retro-rock.

DESIGN: MiMi Records


> Mimi Records brings us 'various artists from the land of the rising sun', as the subtitle goes for this compilation. Ha, Japan, land of the rising noise, Merzbow, Masonna, KK Null and Aube. None of these on this compilation, not even noise here. Instead we find Duff, Umbrella_Process, @mu:le, Bathroom Orchestra, Count Zero, YeeM, BrandCafeClub, Electron and Irish. None of these names I encountered before. I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that it's one person who did all the music under various names. Sampling and electro-pop play the headlines here, with occassional leaps to electronic body music as the piece by Stingray, or the cheesy pop by Bathroom Orchestra, the arabic sounding YeeM or the sampled Dead Can Dance versus jazz of Count Zero. This is actually quite a funny compilation (if indeed it is, I still have my doubts) of sampling madness. The names may mean nothing, but it's funny and sweet release throughout. Nothing new, but sweet indeed.>
Staalplat (2004)

«Talk about underground music! Any further and you’d be hitting magma. MiMi Records is a small internet-based label out of Portugal, and what business they have releasing a compilation of obscure Japanese electronica is beyond me.
Whatever the case, this is some pretty interesting stuff. DUFF starts things off with some dark ambience, piano and xylophone tones mixing with bizarre distorted mumbling. Umbrella_process are up next with mellow, multi-layered trip-hop, followed by Stingray with a nostalgic lo-fi rave-up that sounds like a four-track demo from 808 State circa 1991.
Other highlights include the strangely disturbing loop-smashing of @mu:le, the exotic electro of YeeM, the hyper-cut-and-pastiche acid-jazz of CountzERO and the refreshing acoustic J-pop of Bathroom Orchestra.
Limited edition and available only through MiMi’s website, this makes for the perfect gift for fans of Tsujiko Noriko, The Wire magazine and truly un-sold-out indies laptop home-studio productions.>

J.P.DuQuette (2004)


EDIÇÃO : Mi020
ARTISTA : Vários Artistas
TÍTULO : Give the finger to spoiler's disk
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 49'28''
GÉNERO : Vários

01. DUFF - Harujion   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. umbrella_process - cruel, cruel..
03. stingray - Control the power
04. @mu:le - I've counter culture
05. Bathroom Orchestra - Song for Lovers
06. YeeM - music no. 38
07. countzERO - Request Failed
08. BrandCafe Club - TTIC
09. Electron feat. DUFF - The atmosphere of epoch
10. irish feat. Tsuruchin - Maradona

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