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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: "Umi no drone" (Drones do mar) é uma viagem épica, emotiva e dramática. Do silêncio total até às sonoridades orgâncias e drones atmosféricos fazendo-nos lembrar a vida sub-aquática. Perfeito para uma intensa escuta com "headphones" pela noite dentro. Um album para todos aqueles que procuram experiências diferentes.
DESIGN: MiMi Records

«“Umi no drone” (Drones of the sea) by Hakoneko, released on mimi, is a set of drones using various elements of the sea as a metaphor, and reminds me in many ways of Biosphere’s Autour De La Lune. The soundscapes are sombre, slowly evolving, low frequency pieces. The titles for each track work well as directions for the imagination of the listener, helping to make the experience more vivid, such as Plankton and Jellyfish.
“Umi no drone” makes for delicate listening, I found it suits headphones and a quiet environment. Hakoneko manages to make these drones encourage calm and contemplative thoughts, rather than the texturally rich and emotionally dry drone-based music that seems to be common lately>.»
- alex under (29.03.2005)

<Sechs ambiente und sehr minimalistische Lieder, von denen das vierte stark an Sachen von Stahlwerk 9 erinnert. Es wäre wirklich erstklassig, wenn Hakoneki in dieser Richtung weiterhin etwas produzieren würde. Die Leistung dieser Veröffentlichung schmälert das natürlich nicht. Besonderes wird man hier nicht finden, aber es hört sich einfach gut an.>.
- Knisterwerk (06.09.2005)

>Minimal and dark atmospheres. It's minimal/dark time again. I love dark droning pieces like this and this is no exception. Needs to be listened in full and with a lot of attention, so you can savor each dark driplet of sound. Or, you can just put it in the background, drone away and do something else beside it, like studying or reading. That's what I'm doing now and however you listen to it, it works fine either way. Thumbs up!>
Acidhive - 5 out of 5 stars - (03.04,2006)

«Definitely reminds you of the sea, the deep, deep ocean. More!>
echoplexus - 4 out of 5 stars - (28.04,2007)


EDIÇÃO : Mi036
ARTISTA : Hakoneko
TÍTULO : Umi no Drone
TEMPO : 61'30''
GÉNERO : Dark Ambient/Drone


01. Submarine   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Jellyfish
03. Plankton
04. Reef
05. Siphonophore
06. Quit

>> Todos os temas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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