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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Seis faixas que nos transportam para um ciclo de vida. Do nascimento à morte, Nakamura propõe-nos uma viagem por ambientes mais experimentais do que estavamos habituados a ouvir em outros trabalhos.

DESIGN: MiMi Records

<Life in a day - My Musical Shame by Takeshi Nakamura

The Portuguese Mimi label is a fine address for music beyond comprehension and Takeshi Nakamura from Tokyo, one of their artists, humbly considers himself an explorer of sounds rather than a musician. Of course this is an understatement, as the tracks on his latest release My Musical Shame are a far cry away from being amateurish and simplistic.

The deceptive silence of the opener “quiet life”, where quiet equals frozen is unexpectedly torn apart by the mercyless world of “slapstick”. Although it consists of noisy dissonant frequencies overlapping it’s the logic structure, which turns this tune into sort of a post atomic war Free Jazz. On contrast, “A walk in the calm…”, utilises 12-tone chamber music like structures to maintain a steady state of Kafkaesque paranoia. Fortunately there’s a sudden end to this nightmare set by “Comedy show”, without being an actual relief: Walking amongst a crowd of androids with gibberish voices rumbling in the background and introducing memory fragments of a happy childhood in “Flying Penguin”, before the noise will lose its dynamics, become faint and shallow and inevitably lead to a “Quiet death”.

On My Musical Shame Takeshi Nakamura leaves his Mille Plateaux influences pretty far behind and manages to keep the balance between dissonance and dynamic structures, which makes even harsher tracks accessible after a while. Neither is this laidback music nor something to shake one’s head to, but listening to it at full concentration will be rewarded with exciting, colourful soundscapes>.
Oliver Wichmann (17.03.2006)

«My Musical Shame soars out of orbit. Rhythm and tonality are forsaken for sound collages that are structured but chaotic sounding. Nonetheless the music is riveting and rewarding for the attentive listener. Nakamura’s music may not be to everybody’s liking but I challenge you not to be moved by it.»

«Sounds full and great. Takeshi Nakamura's music always sounds full and warm on my headphones. The variety in this selection is great. I especially like Quiet Life and Quiet Death. There are so many details it takes a few listens to grasp it all.»
TVGHates (30.05.2008)

«Unique warm detailed. this is great music and a really nice new discovery for me. i love the imagination of all his work and his sound sources and arrangement. very clever and very fun indeed.»
junbuggy - 5.0 out of 5 stars (19.06, 2008)


EDIÇÃO : Mi049
ARTISTA : Takeshi Nakamura
TÍTULO : My Musical Shame
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 33'45'
GÉNERO : Electrónica


01. Quiet Life   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Slapstick   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. A walk in the calm daytime   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Comedy Show   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Flying penguim   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Quiet Death   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todos os temas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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