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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Snow effects é uma colecção de 4 músicas melódicas "downtempo" minimalistas, com toques de acústico e solos de piano. Existe tambem um pequeno IDM/Glith criado por electrónica com experiência clássica.

DESIGN: MiMi Records


this is such an amazing collection of tracks...beautiful and moving, deeply emotive. It is driving and epic and every track just simply beautiful, with unique and excellent production, creating a peaceful, chilled atmosphere..
micahw (15.12.2008)

«Bleed has categorized this as IDM ("Intelligent Dance Music") in his de:Bug podcast - but I must admit that I have something totally different in mind when speaking of IDM. However, this definitely is great relaxing music from Japan, no matter how you call it: Very calm and harmonic. Of course, there are strange noises here and there - but after all, it's absolutely blessing for stressed ears. Slowly walking broken beats, deep piano lines and a lot of echo - very touching. Even more astonishing is the fact that this already is Mimi's 53rd (!) release.»
nwl (08.05.2006)

«An hidden gem. i just found this release archived on my hard-drive and i was amazed this music has not attracted more attention. 'snow effects' is made of four tracks of supremely chilled out, excellently crafted electronica - full of emotion and evoking many peaceful, contemplative feelings. i will definitely check out more of mimi's catalogue. highly recommended!»


EDIÇÃO : Mi053
ARTISTA : and/or
TÍTULO : Snow Effect
TEMPO : 22'21'
GÉNERO : IDM/Downtempo


01. Altwide   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Yuki Mushi   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. An Scope   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Garden Edge   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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