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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Minson traz-nos imagens e sonoridades de locais que pensamos que conhecemos. Bits de informação chegam juntos... imagens, odores, e sons fundindo-se num único elemento... Estamos nas margens do Nilo
A música é um potente cocktail de ambiente, experimental e "noise" onde os sons de organizam-se em camadas.

DESIGN: MiMi Records

"awesome cut up release bringing noise in pair with cut-up and sampling techniques to a level of aesthetic quality rarely seen in portugal. in fact, when we listen to the first track, we almost guess that carlos paredes is possessed by the ancient gods of the nile. an experience that I would like to see more times from the part of this artist. the artist who seems to be now working on a bit different way should pay more attention to the things that made this being a so wanted item".
- xs-records (31.04.2008)


EDIÇÃO : Mi054
ARTISTA : Minson
TEMPO : 18'29'
GÉNERO : Experimental


01. Min's World II   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Mountains   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Nile   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Gold   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Rocks   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Desert   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Sand   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todas as faixas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Capas   [ front + back ]

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