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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: Colaboração especial entre dois artistas noise portugueses ocp e t3tsuo com o escritor cyberpuk japonês Kenji Siratori.

The machine bursts manufacture the embryo of heat with the body fluid that observed asphalt that begins to run from the valley of the aphasia where distorts the transmission line "chromosome goes to war and be covered the pain ferments" "you are toxic and you are to the blue treachery of the sky to the 1000 of sun and the zero gravity_artery of the star fish that (a chameleon commits suicide)" ///

Kenji Siratori intitula-se um escritor hipermoderno que trabalha num ambiente digital.Nasceu em 1975, actualmente vive em Sapporo, Japão. Publicou "Blood Electric" (Creation Books) e foi aclamado por David Bowie.

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DESIGN: MiMi Records


> close encounters of the third kind ?

never - never the genre terms : noise and spoken words, have been looking so …. Perfectly Ridiculous and perfectly unsignifiant. do you need a target for pissing ?

1 is the writer :: Kenji Siratori
2 is the musician :: ocp
3 is the musician :: t3tsuo.

and then, the encounters …

"artificial insemination"
tubular auto reverse laconic voice on semi-parazited cryptic sound - and likely to scramble the waves for ocp, sweeping beams an indefinite screen and quite as crypto-organic search of signal for t3tsuo. Chemical organization, and always this laconic descriptive and so lyrical voice. (cups, domes) will allow to prolong the contact.

"gene tv"
still in this scrambling (brouillage) and satured evp's (electronic voices phenomenas) ocp gives us the first sound score of a crawling tv program (…terrorists … communication …) then t3tsuo, in a disconcerting (and "traditional"…) attitude, punctuates the litany of the presenter, trunk-man, TV-humanoïd?

Finally "neo drug(s)ismo" through ocp, brings us all the “comfort” and the “quietude” of the chemical lures, whereas t3tsuo involves us in a neuro wadding carapace.

This experiment is to be missed under any pretext.
Mimi Records, there, have signed one of the most inspired hybrid project since a very long time.
You now can hardly switch on your gene tv …
end of transmission.>
Massard (2006)

< Fantástico...é a estreia absoluta de um sonoro luso-japonês por estas bandas. De um lado, as palavras de Kenji Siratori, "um dos mais importantes escritores da actualidade no movimento cyberpunk", do outro, a vanguarda da electrónica lusa com ocp (a.k.a. João Ricardo) e t3tsuo. No fim, tudo junto, uma peça de um modernismo futurista único e especial. Sem perceber um raio, vive-se de sensações, pressentem-se emoções...
atrompa (2006)


EDIÇÃO : Mi062
ARTISTA :Kenii Siratori/ocp/t3tsuo
TEMPO : 31'50'
GÉNERO : Ambiente / Noise / Spoken Word


01. artificialinsemination (by ocp)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. ocpon_genetv (by ocp)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. art if icial in semi nation (by T3tsuo)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. neo drug (S)ismo (by T3tsuo)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. neo drugismo addicted to (by ocp)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. eu genetv (by T3tsuo)   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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