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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: A excelente banda sonora para os dias frios de inverno.

DESIGN: MiMi Records


<That´s very great stuff!!! Very experimental. I love it!>
Simon Nicolai (2007)

<It's interesting how "requia for ethnic cleansing" still has a pop song melody. Even though you reversed it, it still sound kind of Irish.
It seems your music covers a wide territory, from very abstract, Noise-based pieces to pretty, more pop-oriented song structures.>
Sara ayers (2006)

<requiaforethniccleansing lulls us out with vocals in a language previously unheard, and just the slightest hint that things are actually very very wrong.
An often beautiful and sometimes unsettling album.>
PMC053 (2006)


EDIÇÃO : Mi068
TÍTULO : Non-Angasyemn
TEMPO : 22'07'
GÉNERO : Folk/Indie-tronica


01. Ono sendai   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Kyurten   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Kurz-y-nuy   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Partzan   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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