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BREVE DESCRIÇÃO: A electrónica tem quase tantas subtilezas como as memórias de histórias distantes. Percerbermos isto é ouvir "Distant Tales and Retained Memoris", um delicado encontro entre detalhadas texturas e ambientes estructurais ricos em "layers" tonais, comprometendo a eles próprios viagens sonoras de uma singular delicadeza.

DESIGN: Victor Martins


«Slow, almost silent ambient fills this album from start to finish. Nothing too obscure or noisy, just the kind of ambient you would want to listen to while going to bed or reading a book. Unobtrusive material is sometimes good for the mind...

This album is definitely directed towards the followers of the ambient genre. Don't get me wrong, its really good and might even appeal to some with only an interest in ambient. It contains some elements of Steve Roach, mixed up with a bit of Brian Eno just add in a couple of pops and glitches to fill up the empty spaces.

I recommend listening to this album in the correct environment. Make sure you have your headphones on, or you're bound to lose a lot of the sound from room acoustics. Its really something you can listen to with the lights down and with your eyes closed>.
Net-label Review (21.02.2007)


EDIÇÃO : Mi070
ARTISTA :Mosaique
TÍTULO : Distant Tales and Retained Memory
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 40'50'
GÉNERO : Ambiente


01. Second Attend Span   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. What You Hear   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Iriscence   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Fluctuations   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Stabil   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Um   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Distant Tales and Retained Memory   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. Candleflame   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

>> All tracks + Arwork :   [ DOWNLOAD]

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