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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Few "bizarre" writers - a literary vein that renewed more blood to the heart of science fiction - achieved the projection of their views through a transparent so symbiosis between form and content. By Kenji Siratori not appear to be limits between literary and musical spaces, and the multiple forms of distribution that is appropriate, since ink on paper to the digital code of mp3, show a remarkable Gestalt futuristic when coupled to the message that they print. All the methods are valid for the virus Kenji Siratori that in recent years, contaminated the environment with a collection of waste electronic trail which is easily identifiable, although it hardly similar in its entirety.

Putting a little part of the literary component of his artistic
production, in the musical is its inevitable association with the phalanx of musicians who explore the edges of the endless noise. Masami Akita and Yamasaki Maso are names that are clearly the proximity sound that appear, but the mechanisms operating in the conceptual subconscious
sound of each are quite distinct. If found in Akita references to radical ecology and Maso afflicting us with an ultraviolent psychadelic, on "Cyber Sphere" can not only hear but also understand, one of the fundamental concepts of Siratori's philosophy: "the noise of life."

In the movie "Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani" (appropriate title of the last words of Christ on the cross, "My God, my God, why me naked?") Of his compatriot Shinji Aoyama, the viewer is catapulted to a distopic Japan, which in 2015 was in the grip of the absolute devastation caused by  rampant and depopulation "lemming syndrome". This viral disease that drives the poor to suicide had infected only one cure: the hearing of noise. In the unlikelihood of ever being struck by such pestilence, "Cyber Sphere" it is a great panacea.
Henrique Vicente

DESIGN: MiMi Records



ARTIST : Kenji Siratori
TÍTLE : Cyber Sphere
TIME : 58'08"
GENRE : Noise


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04. Cyber Sphere 04 (Bonus track for cdr)

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