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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Tokyo based artist Naoto Taguchi returns short after after his latest 'Untitled 9 Fragments...' work for a small yet spacious EP called 'Forgotten works in the air'.

It starts off with 'Dreaming while knowing that you are' which seems to come straight from the latest release at test tube, ethereal keyboards, clicks and cuts and a distant sense of melancholy.

'I speak with pathos In the early morning' is a very different musical approach, featuring a lounge-y 4/4 beat and some sampled guitars, all of which gives a chilled out mood.

There's also a remix for this track by Akira Kosemura, which steps even more on the club feel and spaorts some groovy electric jazz sounding keyboards.

This release shows off Taguchi's broad sense of different music aesthetics and contributes to enriching the global netaudio scene. Keep you eyes peeled for this japanese guy.
Pedro Leitão

DESIGN: Shigehiro Tanaka

Naoto Taguchi es un artista audiovisual natural de Sapporo y residente en Tokio, quien a finales del año pasado nos deleitaba con un espectacular trabajo en test tube: "Untitled 9 Fragments Ordinaries Sound Materials"
donde nos exponía su faceta como escultor sonoro mas experimental: mostrándonos un mosaico electroacústico de sonidos cristalinos, texturas e infinidad de matices acústicos.

En esta colección o recuperación de "trabajos olvidados" para Mimi, Naoto comienza con un tema que podría estar incluido perfectamente en este mencionado trabajo, ya que continua en esa linea de sonido. Pero en los otros dos tracks nos muestra una aproximación musical distinta: en clave lounge-downtempo, y con una remezcla muy jazzy de uno de esos temas a cargo de Akira Kosemura.
- NETLABELSNEWS (08.02.2009)



ARTIST : Naoto Taguchi
TÍTLE : Forgotten Works in the air
TIME : 19'11"
GENRE : Ambient


01. Dreaming while knowing that you are   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. I speak with pathos In the early morning   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Your face looks down In the dumps   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. I speak with pathos In the early morning (rmx by Akira Kosemura)   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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