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Kamitani, an artist living in Nagoya (Japan), previously published Childisc vol.8 compilation which involves a sound trends quite different from "From Victoria".

Kamitani explores environmental textures with great mastery, combined with a myriad of musical elements and almost always accompanied by a guitar with a folk influence, thus giving us a variety of sounds and shades that are pleasant to our ears.

Twelve tracks with snippets of guitar, piano and electronic sounds, which you will slowly and gently discover through the album. To listen with headphones and eyes wide shut.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Kamitani



ARTIST : Kamitani
TÍTLE : From Victoria
TYPE : Album
TIME : 60'53"
GENRE : Electronica


01. My Favorite Things
02. Kireina Step
03. Sentimental
04. Attack
05. Guitar 2
06. Ladies and Snowfall
07. Toritorikokolo
08. To Milkroad
09. Drop a grape
10. Rin
11. Purple Nights
12. Coroncoron

>> This album was release by a japanese major, so there is no longer avaliable for download.  

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