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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: After two years in anonymity, Anders Blickmann is now about to get his fair share of public recognition on his overgrowing productive mastery, having had some of his science remixed by south American artists (such as Oscar Chaves or Julie Amadeo), or just this Oceania EP.

What we have here is a hypnotic construct, repetitive and circular, where vocal elements carry us to a dimmer and most claustrophobic Oceania, quite different from that one on the postcards - especially Vanuatu and Samoa.

The sound textures overlap each other with perfect mastery, never neglecting the so much needed room for silence, and for that matter these 4 tracks create an audio addiction at the level of some of the most acclaimed producers of the so-called “minimal”, such as, for instance, Cook Islands.

Yet using a deep-rooted portuguese expression, there is more, and of top quality, in the
Blickmann archives, and much more is yet to come, productively speaking.

Praise all those who give him an international face, as Mimi Records is presently doing with this Oceania EP.

Tiago Eiras

DESIGN: MiMi Records



ARTIST : Anders Blickmann
TÍTLE : Oceania
TIME : 29'21"
GENRE : Techno


01. New Caledonia   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Samoa   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Vanuatu   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Cook Islands   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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