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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This piece comprises 7 tracks with heavily processed digital signals from prerecorded analog sound sources. Sound and space meet in a musical offering most suitable for demanding listeners.

Themes evoked range from experiments in communication,indeterminate operations and the aesthetic value of randomness. Also present are the ideas of interference of the listener's expectation, disturbances and problems when conveying thoughts, expressing feelings or standing for his beliefs.

Chance and geometric disposition of sound sources are most vivid, creating an apparent chaotic build up of atmospheres.

It really is up to all of us as listeners to question the rough surface and find the beauty hidden in the most complex patterns. Once the texture is resolved, peace and non thoughts will ensue.

Rui Farinha

DESIGN: João Vasco



ARTIST : [ch`os]
TÍTLE : Flex Frame
TYPE : Album
TIME : 38'28"
GENRE : Electronica


01. Can   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Poiter   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Decimal   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Tea   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Deamon   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Washing Dishes   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Nutrition   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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