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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Some people say that mermaids do not exist. Pure lies. Izumi Suzuki (aka Linda Bjalla) is one of them and invites us to dream and a journey of pure enchantment by cold seas of Sweden,

Izumi use her voice like a siren who naively tries to attract listeners. And she made it. The rest of the scenario is the mastery of a piano accompanied by sound landscapes that make us remember the seabed.

The spell is short so it is recommended to listen in loop.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Izumi Suzuki



ARTIST : Linda Bjalla
TÍTLE : She Sings Sea Songs
TIME : 9'08"
GENRE : Ambiente


01. Seabirds   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Calling from the sea   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. The Waves Have A Story To Tell Me   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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