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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A 26 minute 5-track sampling of experiment-tinged IDM with numerous magnetic surprises. These compositions are made up of a mix between breaks and idm.The piano makes the rest of the scenario.

DESIGN: MiMi Records

this handful of tracks is composed of different stylistic aspects, however, sounding consequently like a suite for an art performance or puppet show in the art house or puppet theatre, respectively. For instance, Denentoshi has been spliced in the way to draw on rushed, angular beats which ultimately make up like an instance of breakbeat music, however, providing the backup for major piano chords. It might remind of Dave Keifer aka Cagey House`s aesthetic in a way. However, it the track does have a marked cinematic factor inside.

The other tracks used to appear in more calm, laid-back mood allowing the listener to enjoy rainy Sunday morning. Anoxia involves a serene doo wop fuelled female vowel effect or ringing like the main theme from a soundtrack of the 60s/70s European motion movie (a la Caravelli, Paul Mauriat, Raymond Lefèvre and others). The title track takes on beeping synthesizer signals and coiling theme developments, however, creating enthralling, almost psychedelic contrast and feel of encompassing the whole. Ostsee crosses the sample of passing cars with light-hearted piano chords and snappy rhythms beneath. It is a great album by any means.
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ARTIST : natant
TÍTLE : Hyphenminus
TIME : 24'46"
GENRE : IDM/Ambient


01. Ostsee   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Hamada Shogo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Denentoshi   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Anoxia   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Hyphen Minus   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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