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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Boiar is a Portuguese collective exploring experimental electro acoustic electronics. "MiMinhos" (portuguese word for treats) are newest sound experiences from Boiar and these guys offer us some really good music under the suggestive title. I might say this is just for real MiMi Records lovers...
Fernando Ferreira

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Boiar`s 6-track issue is an interesting album of diverse tendencies and intentions. At times the listener can enjoy airtight dub oscillations (Carinho com Vinho and Delicadeza a sua Alteza are the most clear-cut instances), sometimes more electro-acoustic explorations do appear. Many tracks are spiced up by overdriven acute electronic snaps.

What is more, Primor no Amor is a rank crossover composition which starts off with poignant electro-acoustic developments to progress into a topsy-turvy mix of electronic noises and techno rhythms. Regalo de Estalo is another smorgasbord which embraces experiments with pitched-up and pitched-down electronic bits, hirsute white noise and glitched-out electronics and even some lustful synth pop gears and classical music glimpses.

The issue involves a loads of shadowy sonic elements which might be discovered only after many listening times. Other tracks are also up to prove the artist`s bias to create fast-changing compositions with thought-provoking debris. In a nutshell, although the release contains musical elements of various kind these elements do stick together and demonstrate the artist`s ability for viable sonic synthesis.

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ARTIST : Boiar
TÍTLE : MiMinhos
TYPE : Album
TIME : 48'55"
GENRE : Electronica


01. Mímico Sínico   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Primor no Amor   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Delicadeza a sua alteza   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Regalo de estalo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Carinho com vinho   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Burlesco ao fresco   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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