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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In this Cd, the music is a mixed of madness and creative horror of gummy bears.

A final hope inside the Burlesque Scene, a victory of glamour, a voyer fetish behind the ordinary people, This is a punch in the middle of the eyes of the dogmatic civilization…

The Cd bring’s an entire new philosophy centered in human souls without remorses of explicit sex acts and torture fantasies. We all live with our angel's and demons.

This is what you produce ..we lived events of the real life.
Art above everything!
Domino Pawo

DESIGN: Domino Pawo



ARTIST : Karuniiru
TÍTLE : Stupidity
TIME : 11'22"
GENRE : J-Rock/Metal


01. Written in my skin   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Pink Bunny Kiss   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Fuck you, very much   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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