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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Going through his computer folders, Ed Gar rediscovered a large colection of songs he had been creating over the last few years. Amongst small musical fragments and more complex compositions, a series of songs earned Ed Gar's attention and had him picking them up and build-up a collection, maybe because they were more or less in order or because they were ready to come out of the drawer.

"Most Gracious" is a starting point, a collection of sound surfaces from where a lot has vanished (voices and samplers that used to be in these songs got lost in between hard drives) but where harmony, mood and grove still remain. All of these songs, started as a sketch, were remixed by Ed Gar and it's those remixes that we can listen to in "Most Gracious".

New versions of these songs are going to come out, in a more "song" driven format, with improved folk-pop versions and new textures. "Most Gracious" orioginal songs will follow this release - or maybe not!
Ed Gar is alert and he wants to do a lot of new things...

Sara Mendes

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira



TÍTLE : Most Gracious
TIME : 14'49"
GENRE : Electronica


01. God should have told us...   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Destroying   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. She cleans her hair   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Verge   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Pop Art   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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