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The last summer before our youth is the EP that João Correia (Julie & the Carjackers) and Walter Benjamin (Luís Nunes) have decided to secretly record.

They share the love for the cheap sound of cassettes and enjoyed the weird look that the boy at the shop gave them when they asked to purchase a box full of brand new cassettes. They also love to fill all their songs with old echo machines and cheap recorders that will remind them of those times when computers were not suitable to be used for musical purposes. At least their own computers.It was all done during a rainy night in Lisbon on a 4 track cassette machine, at João Paulo Feliciano's studio, after an intense rehearsal.

These are just songs that they both recovered from their past memories, no connection between them is intended, except during that night, when they decided to kiss the summer goodbye. Just sketches for which the meanings of the songs won't be revealed.

João Paulo Feliciano was there to offer his sun glasses and friendship. AnaMary Bilbao sang, played the rhodes and improvised at the piano without knowing the tape was even rolling.

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira PHOTO: Francisca Moreira



ARTIST : Walter Benjamin & João Correia
TÍTLE : The last summer before our youth
TIME : 08'45"
GENRE : Indie


01. The last summer before our...   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Now slowly   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Rags and Bread   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. You're Dead   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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The Last Summer Before Our Youth
Performed randomly by AnaMary Bilbao

Now Slowly
written by Walter Benjamin
João Correia: guitar, drums and christmas bells
AnaMary Bilbao: rhodes electric piano
Walter Benjamin: vocals, piano and bass

Rags and Bread
written by João Correia
João Correia: guitar, bass and vocals
Walter Benjamin: drums

You're Dead
written by Walter Benjamin
João Correia & AnaMary Bilbao: vocals
Walter Benjamin: piano and vocals

Recorded and mixed on a 4 track cassette machine at Estúdio 15A, Lisboa, by Walter Benjamin & João Correia.
Mastered at the Saltwood Grove, London.

Thanks to João Paulo Feliciano, Nuno Lucas, Mário Feliciano, Fernando Ferreira, Márcia, Duncan Brown and our friends & families.

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