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.crk (Hugo de Almeida) born in 23rd of September 1982 is a Portuguese artist that besides his nationality in nothing resembles in his music with the IDM world on his national territory.

Protagonist in developing fast and chilling beats that state a promise at the first rhythm to blow away all the electronic genre ever heard, allied to his beats comes surrounding melodies and disconcerting details that he mixes with the various effects available on his library, .crk leaves the promise to take you on a crazy trip through his electronic world to the very last second.

Besides the album Dematerializing Sound Theory released in August of 2010 and the EP Unlockable edited by MIMI Records. .crk has as experience, many years of composition and editing that naturally evolved since his infant times.

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira



ARTIST : .crk
TÍTLE : unlockable
TIME : 28'38"
GENRE : Drum'n'bass


01. untitle 1   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. untitle 2   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. 01010101010101   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. unlockable   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. redemption   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. 3500 hz   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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