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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Musicians from Portugal, Hong Kong and Macao return to draft a new release of T(H)REE ( ), this time in digital format EP.

T(H)REE is a nonprofit musical project, which combines contemporary musicians from Portugal, and several Asian countries. The idea comes not only with the commitment to materialize this meeting of cultures but also the urgent desire to encourage local musical production, taking it away from its borders, reaching distant territories, forming contacts and initiate new musical and cultural that would otherwise never take place.

One Point Five brings us a new set of musicality that can be listened as a complement to the album T(H)REE vol 1, released in 2011. It’s a perfect soundtrack for a journey between nature and city, between the traditional music and the noisy bustle of the big metropolis. Between Asia and Portugal.

This compilation is a partnership between the T(h)ree project and MiMi Records.
David Valentim

DESIGN: The Veed PHOTO: Hina Shimomura



ARTIST : Various Artists
TÍTLE : T(h)ree - one point five
TIME : 30'43"
GENRE : Various


01. Faye Choi + David Valentim
Suffering becomes honey
02. Evade + Kubik
HPR (new version)
03. Error Wrong + Erro!
Tree robot
04. A Roller Control + Ch'os
The Wave (remodeled)
05. Fragile + Rocky Marsiano
Second twelfth
06. Dj Kawayama + Tiago Guillul
Lou Reed wants to be black
07. (Outro) Temple street   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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