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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Music in a contemporary electro-acoustic approach which runs essentially the paths of free-jazz and avant-garde (among others) without any borders or aesthetic constraints.

The language is developed using material from the musical imagination of the performers along with solutions pre-defined reference authors.

With flexible configuration, the session of the PREC Malhal garnered the participation of a second trombonist - Eduardo Chagas - Joining the usual nucleus.
Paulo Chagas

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira



TÍTLE : Sessão do Malhal
TYPE : Album
TIME : 44'26"'
GENRE : Experimental/Avantgarde


01. Sessão do Malhal   [ DOWNLOAD ]

Paulo Chagas - flauta
Paulo Duarte - guitarra
Fernando Simões - trombone
Eduardo Chagas - trombone

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