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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The journey of this pirate from the land of rising sun continues in this second volume BOOTLEG vol.2.

Like the previous one this EP brings again 4 large noisy meshes resulting from a mercilessly pillage to jazz improvisation and modern hypno-rock.

Takao Seto leads this crew of sound pirates with his fuzzy guitar, accompanied by heavy bass lines, hypnotic rhythms and lots of rum ...
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Takao Seto


ARTIST : Pistol Jazz
TÍTLE : BOOTLEG vol.2 ~pirate from the land of the rising sun~
TIME : 20'53"'
GENRE : Jazz Improv/Hypno-Rock


01. pirate of muroto    
02. crazy butterfly    
03. great blue    
04. Jolly Roger Rum    

>> This album was release by a japanese major, so there is no longer avaliable for download.

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