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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: It's so weird but at the same time tasty and comforting when we know that people we like can surprise us positively. I share this with you because that's what happend with me a little while ago.

Rarareruri is a project of Eva Pereira, a virtual friend who choose her alias inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2's "La-li-li-le-lo", a secret organization that controlled the United States in the 90s.

Rarareruri, presents a nostalgic and ethereal sound and a lo-fi style more than evidently.

"Peartree" opens the debut EP and is certainly a good introduction.

The release continues with "Soft American Pop", charaterized by a feeling of sadness accompanied by a strong rock sound, perfect for a teenager.

The track "Olympia" is the jewel of the crown, the "extra points", the extra life that both wish to have. The constant repetition of the beautiful woman's name gives us the desire to know her without hesitation.

"Bigger" moves away from the side of the innocent and ethereal previous theme and bring us to a state of mind more sad and gloomy.

The last track "Dumyrox", bring us back to the first themes of the release. Once again we revisit the nostalgia.

The "Weak Ankles" EP is a catchy album, but at the same time is a real punch in stomach. But more important than all that can be said about this release, is knowing that friends are like beautiful boxes full of surprises that we like to open and share with one another.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Rarareruri


ARTIST : Rarareruri
TÍTLE : Weak Ankles
TIME : 20'41"'
GENRE : Indietronica


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03. Olympia   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Bigger   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Dumyrox   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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