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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Nuno Dio (aka BHASM) meets the experiments tested throughout the 1990s by the great names of IDM.

BHASM shows us how he is a keen observer of everything which defines and transforms contemporary electronics, a perception that seizes every little noise architected in this small record of only 18 minutes.

The EP captures all references that surround it and transforms them into a musical unit by itself, as a result of countless listenings of great names of electronic music such as Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada.

"Pars Compacta" is the perfect kind of music to listen to during a trip, both literally and figuratively.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Maria José Cardoso


TÍTLE : Pars Compacta
TIME : 18'08"'
GENRE : Electronica/Ambient


01. Disturbed   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Massive Rain   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Birds from Jupiter   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Last Sunset   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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