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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: I hear "noise" as music if I want to hear the sounds. If I do not want to hear the sounds, it is noise, whatever the source, whatever the time...
I ask myself, can I stretch my idea of sounds and music to appreciate what is before me?

Tracks/short views:

Requiem for an Archivist II
Using a simple synthesizer, Sara Santos, aka, Bird Paradigma creates a textured wash of bits in degrees of smoothness, often at high speed. Most of the album is like this.

Now, kick into high gear, scrape, squeal, shift into a high speed, car, waterfall, airplane, rapid thought, mutate, mutate!

Putrid brain cells (live rec for MiMi)
This piece explores, to me shifts between degrees of pleasant to slightly annoying sounds and how they move between each others in layers. Sand, water blast and rinse those brain cells!

Aesthetics of nothingness
Upfront, this piece highlights that the pieces all meander in micro tonal increments as textures. I do hear shifts between tonal areas, which filter the way the textures feel.
Seems to ge back and forth, arpeggio-like...Melodies appear here and there through the mist of texture, like in a sound shower....Nice shifts in speed on this one too.
“Nothingness” perhaps means that the sounds are sounds, sounds are there and then shift away, to nothingness....

Closure for solo synth
.........begins very smoothly, as a relief to the rougher textures before?
I hear a type of melody peeking out from underneath the washes of textures.
Smooth? always relative, in dry chords in a wet setting...messing with my expectations...

About the track icon.
..........created using textural lines, connecting as an owl...
...can you hear the textures in a wise way?

Wilhelm Matthies

DESIGN: Sara Santos


ARTIST : Bird Paradigma
TÍTLE : Aesthetics of Nothingness
TYPE : Album
TIME : 58'21"'
GENRE : Noise


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03. Putrid brain cells (live rec for MiMi)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Aesthetics of nothingness   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Closure for solo synth   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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