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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Containing 6 themes, “Music For Trevor Reznik” is the new EP from Kubik that fetches much of its influence from the world of cinema and pictures.

The all new themes bring us, in one way to the other, towards cinephile references, and it’s up to the listener to figure them out and establish their relationships. Trevor Reznik is the name of the character portrayed by Christian Bale in Bard Anderson’s movie “The Machinist”.

Reznik is a gruesomely skinny being that suffers from kafkanian insomnias and that looks for a meaning for his tormented and near-spectral existence.

The six themes from “Music for Trevor Reznik” - crafted from fragmented electronics - could serve as the soundtrack for a crazed movie played in the head of Trevor Reznik.

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira


ARTIST : Kubik
TÍTLE : Music for Trevor Reznik
TIME : 24'07"'
GENRE : Electronica


01. Basso Profondo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Moral Terror   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Facts and Fictions   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Shadow of a Shadow   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Begotten   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Sidow's Voice   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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