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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The need to experiment was always the greatest thrust tool for music. Taka Sakai (a.k.a. The Other Morning Call) likes to experiment and combine funk/jazz sounds, using his music knowledge skills to transform lyrical-instrumental sounds into naturally inventive compositions.

Asami Lamdivsky (a.k.a. Nurie Orchestra) moves through electronic and avant-pop soundscapes, on records that can at the same time push and welcome the listener thanks to the use of his guitar or the intentionally excessive use of distinct instrumental textures.

"Nocturnal Waters" are 5 songs (2 from each artist and a duet) which deal with lyrical and instrumental experimentation in a simple and peaceful way.

Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Taka Sakai


ARTIST : The Other Morning Call + Nurie Orchstra
TÍTLE : Nocturnal Water
TIME : 19'21"'
GENRE : Electronica/Avantpop


01. Filmogratin   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Uranographia   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Could Miss the Last Train   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Karaoke Voltaire   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Specimen in Hibernation   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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