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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Arab Spring is very close to my heart. I was living in south of France, the week before i had scheduled a trip across North Africa, to the Middle East.

Mohamed my very good Tunisian friend, discouraged me to embark on this adventure. He knew something important was about to happen. I canceled my trip and stayed by his side during the whole revolution.

While he followed what was happening in his native country, i felt all the worries and hope of a pure and noble soul, born and raised in the desert of Sahara, who taught me values that the West has lost long time ago.

This EP is dedicated to him and all victims of political oppression.
Thanks Mohamed, wherever you are!



ARTIST : Alektronick
TÍTLE : Liberez Le Monde
TIME : 24'49"'
GENRE : Techno


01. Liberez le Monde   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Liberez le Monde (Rilhos rmx)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Liberez le Monde (Element3 rmx)   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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