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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Here’s a brand new EP by the misterious japanese beat wizard Kasahara Shunichi.

"Tender is the night" isn’t an EP to dip into whenever you please. It’s an EP to completely immerse yourself in from beginning to end. It’s a release that requires, and rightfully deserves, your full attention for every single one of its modest twenty-seven minutes.

Kasahara Shunichi is definitely a worthwhile addition for anyone who enjoys relaxing electronic music or chill-wave music. Fans of Boards of Canada will surely enjoy what he has created here.

DESIGN: Ayumi Kubo


ARTIST : Kasahara Shunichi
TÍTLE : Tender is the night
TIME : 27'43"'
GENRE : Electronica


01. Little Miss Material   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. The Night Before   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Crux   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Down by the seaside   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Warm Tape   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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