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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: "We are sons of Yo la Tengo." It could be the beginning and end of the text if not worth exploring so frankly. Most artists prefer not to openly take their references or simply say that are varied, without the name.

Are choices. There are others still who assure us not be influenced by "nobody in particular", overwhelming at the forefront and / or reducing into insignificance. For The Boys Age would not need to say anything though suits them, taking into account the zeal and dedication of their parents.

It's up to you to choose the wardrobe, they needed to cross the Pacific and the coast to coast to till Hoboken. There are a trio as could be expected. Maybe they have not yet found the bass over 90 pounds looking. Kaznary Mutow (composition, voice and guitar) and Takamasa Kobayashi (drums and backing vocals), founded the The Boys Age in Saitama, on a sunny autumn afternoon. The year was 2010, the country was still without the scars of the tragedy of Tohoku, the following spring.

The genetic code they inherited from their parents shed more pop and not so much the pedals connected to the mains, pairing themes format song with others, instrumental, pointing to the sky. Then there is the imprint of Japan: things we can not explain but which also touch us because there are also included. We Westerners. We, the Portuguese.

Is this the tightrope where they balance so well the Japanese, moving the The Boys Age are such a fantasy, regardless of musical styles and art forms, they seem to be reserved exclusively and forever.

For lovers of Deerhunter, Galaxie 500, Pavement, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Sparklehorse, Neutral Milk Hotel, Velvet Underground (aren't we all?) or Flaming Lips.

Arigatou, we say to dream in Cabo da Roca.

DESIGN: The Boys Age


ARTIST : The Boys Age
TIME : 12'02"'
GENRE : Indie


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