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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A duo comprised of two of the most active and tireless musicians in these neck of the woods, Luís Vicente (trumpet) and Jari Marjamäki (electronics), who during the past couple of years have managed to develop, alongside their countless other projects, a consistent body of work together of which 'Alternate Translations' is their first official record. Consisting of live recordings, the four included tracks are the results of that free experience assuming the longevity. Possible moments of work in progress.

'Disjointed' and 'Alternate Translation' flow in a suspended ambience in which foggy melodic pieces echo over underwater rhythmic pulses, in the tradition of the best of Basic Channel.
Diffused portraits of parallel reality over which sparse trumpet lines float somewhere between spiritualism of Jon Hassell and the notion of space of Bill Dixon.

More static, and vaguely threatening, 'Under a Tree' climbs the drone as unintelligible outbreaks and harmonies appear out of nowhere, while 'Cluster' displays spectral melodies in informal plots with a trumpet haunted by Don Cherry.

Beginning from its title, 'Alternate Translations' is a work of speculative nature, yet concise within its objectives. A continuously intriguing piece that allows itself to inhabit in a sphere where the language travels thru routes always open for interpretation.
Bruno Silva

DESIGN: Jussi Jääskeläinen -


ARTIST : Vicente-Marjamaki
TÍTLE : Alternate Translations
TIME : 42'19"'
GENRE : Experimental


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03. Disjointed   [ DOWNLOAD ]
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