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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: "This sounds like Crystal Castles without Alice Glass" - this would be a sentence that you would most certainly find on a Pitchfork review of this EP. But this is not Pitchfork.

illplaygirl is a music duo consisting of Priscilla Devesa (ex-Pressplay and Anarchicks) and Bruno Sobral (Tsunamiz). Formed around the year of 2001, the duo claims to be influenced by "such bands as Ladytron, Client, PressPlay or Cobra Killer" and also "the whole Rock, Punk and Darkwave movements". The influences are clearly shown on this EP.

An album focused primarily on heavily distorted, catchy and contagious basslines, and voice, would certainly remind us immediately of bands such as Purity Ring or the aforementioned Crystal Castles. But whilst Purity Ring's production is something a bit more complex and Crystal Castles just can't decide whether they want to be lo-fi or not, illplaygirl know exactly they don't want production getting in the way of their music.

With meticulously constructed beats, synthesizers that come in and disappear as if by magic, and a voice that completely draws you into a world that I can only envision as being inside a bar in Blade Runner, illplaygirl EP is an album that its only flaw is being short. Mas even in that regard it can make up to the listener, seeing that when you put the album on repeat the passage from the last track back to the first is absolutely brilliant.

This EP is recommended to lovers of lo-fi, Camden's clubbing scene and people who wish that Purity Ring was less glamorous and more intimate.
Hugo Botelho

DESIGN: Priscila Devesa


ARTIST : illplaygirl
TÍTLE : illplaygirl EP
TIME : 13'15"'
GENRE : Synthpop


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03. Black Sheep   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. One Million   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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