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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Just three months after the release of debut album "Autumn Leaves", the japanese project ykymr comes up with a new disc for the portuguese netlabel Mimi Records.

The album is called "We Were Seeing The Sea Beyond The Fog" and navigates both between the claustrophobic tension of its predecessor and a dark psychedelia and melancholy and at the same time it overflows the six themes that compose it.

Dispelled the fog are inevitable comparisons with the early work of Sigur Rós, but one glimpses the far one experimentalism and an elegance that Icelanders never shared.

In "We Were Seeing The Sea Beyond The Fog", ykymr proves its ability to create hypnotic compositions with a boundless ingenuity gender.
Rui Ferreira

DESIGN: ykymr


ARTIST : ykymr
TÍTLE : We were Seeing The Sea Beyond The Fog
TYPE : Album
TIME : 44'51"'
GENRE : Ambient


01. Pastels on the prelude   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. I'm lucky   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. White is   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Ships   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. 05 8212,1,1000   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Swimming the Swimming Pool of Fog   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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