Tue 16.10.2018 | 17:21

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This sounds good. It sounds intelligent and contingent.

But I say it in a good way. This is the living proof that brings us five tracks, each one with its own mood, spirit and respective poetry, all together in a cohesive and well-structured work that makes you want to listen to it in moments of great silence. Each theme can offer us different sensations while we’re listening to them.

I can only suggest a cup of cold tea and a good view of the mountains, to join our ears on this little trip offered by the japanese Junya Nishimura.

Renato Freitas

DESIGN: Fernando Ferreira


ARTIST : Junya Nishimura
TÍTLE : Vanish EP
TIME : 22'51"'
GENRE : Ambient/Neoclassical


01. coco   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. s.n.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. fragil waltz   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. sea   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. still rain   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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