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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: arquivo210 is the result of a challenge issued by the likeicare first draft of Imaginauta: make an EP that fell within the fictional futuristic universe of Commander Serralves.

The concept? A sound file banned by the oppressive empire of the Human Alliance, not to suit the project they have for humanity. For this likeicare had to give freedom to all his creative ability. What song is there in space? Melodies that hear the rebels, in a clear act of provocation and freedom?

The result? Four songs, filled with dense and electric atmospheres where reigns experimentalism, error, noise and unconventional rhythms that will appeal to all fans of IDM.

This is the second work of this artist to be released by MiMi Records, the second oldest portuguese netlabel.

The Imaginauta

João M. Gonçalves

DESIGN: Luis Carreto


ARTIST : likeicare
TÍTLE : Arquivo210
TIME : 17'12"'


01. static falls   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. dodgson   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. cativo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. C17H21NO4   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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