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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Takao Seto (Pistol Jazz), leads his pirate crew again with thier fuzzy guitars, accompanied by heavy bass lines, hypnotic rhythms and many bootles of rum...

Like the second volume edited by MiMi Records, Pistol Jazz decide to make another trip with 4 tracks resulting from a pillage with no mercy from modern jazz improvisation to hypno-rock.
Fernando Ferreira

DESIGN: Takeo Seto


ARTIST : Pistol Jazz
TÍTLE : Bootleg vol. 3 - way of the nirvana
TIME : 15'31"'
GENRE : Rock


01. zero    
02. tequila suicide    
03. Voodoo Rum (w/ dj shiba)    
04. Anaconda (Human Boot Project Remix)    

>> This album was release by a japanese major, so there is no longer avaliable for download.

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