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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The record “Circunstâncias” (circumstances) gathers four examples of the repertoire that I’ve been playing during the last two years. The four pieces appeared unexpectedly, because of specific creative circumstances.

“Shuffle” was purposely written for my very first solo concert in 2010, and four years later, adapted and inserted into a more recent musical context, where the stylist flexibility is obvious. “Esta gravata não combina com a cor das meias” (this tie doesn’t combine with the color of the socks) received a new life, once its title was changed (it was initially called “Fado dos Arbuthnot”) and was included in the NEW TALENT FNAC 2014 compilation.

“Cenas que me fazem lembrar o Azerbaijão” (scenes that remind me of Azerbaijan) fulfilled two necessities: one was creative based, to repeat compositional techniques that were used in the work “Invasion”; the other one performance based, the desire to premiere a piece in the 20th ESECTV birthday party, in Coimbra. And finally “Bacalhau Cheiroso” (Smelly Codfish) composed to celebrate friendship, Christmas and the Codfish.

Each one of these pieces was born for different reasons. However, what is after all an artistic pathway: a constant travel between circumstances.
José Valente

DESIGN: Paulo Mendes


ARTIST : José Valente
TÍTLE : Circunstâncias
TIME : 32'30"'
GENRE : Jazz


01. Esta Gravata não combina com a cor das Meias   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Shuffle   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Cenas que me fazem lembrar o Azerbaijão   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Bacalhau cheiroso   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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All pieces were composed and played by José Valente.
P roduced by José Valente and Luís Figueiredo.
Recorded at Cabriolet Music Studio, Porto, by Inês Lamares.

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons License.

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