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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Sound, music, noise. Conventional barriers separating each definition from its standards and acoustic format. Without questioning, it could be as simple as that, but not with Cañon Club. They cross noisy sound, with some melodious noise, and the result is everything and nothing. A Pandora's box, that requires courage to open.

Courage to face a journey into the unknown, although Cañon Club sounds somehow familiar to us in our deep cognitive memories. Opening the box you'll find the most amazing interstellar odyssey or the worst nightmare of mechanical beasts’ with neutral machine-wills. Or both.

Epic # 1 is a journey out of space and time that surrounds us with a certain soundscape that intersects our volatile individual imagination. The sound of everyday objects, treated with modern and futuristic elements, it seems simple. The course of reactions and emotions in our brain, prove otherwise.

Please fasten your seatbelts…
Carlos Norton

DESIGN: Daniel Almeida


ARTIST : Cañon Club
TÍTLE : Epic #1
TYPE : Album
TIME : 28'27"'
GENRE : Experimental


01. Insect life on the moon   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Astroman at work   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Alien pop star at the karaoke house   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. UFO in my pocket   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Sheep farming at the Jupiter rings   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Danger! Red Alert! Disco time!   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Robots'R'us live in Japan   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. TV Entertainment for astronauts in space   [ DOWNLOAD ]
09. Lullaby (the aliens are underneath the bed!)   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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