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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: “Sound Riots from the Light of Shadows” is the last work of Gilberto Miranda aka O Machine.

The Portuguese musician living in Copenhagen presents us another album in EP format. Over the five tracks that make up the EP we find the "epic" shoegazer “Mo Honey”, a murmuring glimmer that satisfies the best in the world of dreams. A spatial trip in “So Sybilla So” that capsizes in a schizoid calm.

The rocker “Alce”, a whip, which is a kind of work generated somewhere in an occasional meeting between Peter Kember and Michael Gira. The last two tracks are a return to the recent past of the author. “LSA” brings us to an experimental post-rock imaginary, but let it be said, nothing boring.

The EP ends, and well, with the beautiful “Vanilla Vina”, an astonishing entry that ends with a crystalline guitar inherited from the best indie rock. An EP to be taken into account and that deserves many auditions.

DESIGN: Carlos Garcia Martinez


ARTIST : O Machine
TÍTLE : Sound Riots From The Light Of Shadows
TIME : 29'58"'
GENRE : Post-Rock/Noise


01. Mo Honey

02. So Sybilla So   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. LSA   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Vanilla Vina   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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