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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Rarareruri or Eva Neves Pereira is a young “one woman band” which creates an excellent mixture of reality with the virtual world, its sound invades us as softly as the air we breathe. With a sweet and innocent voice that reminds us of our “irresponsible” days and a world full of dreams of various colors and shapes.

An album which is so different from what you could hear from the Portuguese scene, it's fresh, light and spacey, notoriously dream pop, with an excellent choice of synthesizers, samples and effects, such as delay, that was used to create a more romantic dreamlike sound that transports us to another dimension while discussing themes of the every day life, such as love, self-reflection and sincerity.

Something I'd like to highlight is Eva's vocal versatility, the little high pitched tones, the screaming and the “innocent voice” (which you can hear on “Call me back, please...”) are examples that prove us that her creativity knows no bounds.

If I'd have to score the album, I'd give it an 8.5/10, it really is a wonderful debut of the artist. Listening to it makes us undergo a journey of so many highs and lows and most of all, it helps you really think about your everyday life.

Favorite Tracks:
02. Call me back, please…;
08. Could've, should've, would've (I kinda did);
09. Galileo;

João Duarte

DESIGN: Eva Neves Pereira

Eva Neves Pereira aka Rarareruri`s 15-track issue used to trudge across different pathways of contemporary pop music which is about to loan from everywhere – from rough underground to exquisite mainstream. However, there is no possibility to do it otherwise. It is quite impossible to invent new kind of sonic borders to operate within.

There is no potency to do it due to physical and temporal constraints which wrap up our human life. However, Rarareuri is a poignant artist with her own touch which is extracted from glitched-out pop, IDM, freely played synths and loosely programmed rhythms.

She is an artist who is searching relentlessly for balance between experimentation and pop format – for instance, let`s listen to I love everyone; I mean... Mankind, I love mankind and Could've, Should've, Would've (I Kinda Did) you could enjoy the pop ditties coming back from charts of the future. By kindred souls there can be drawn parallels with the likes of Grimes, Possimiste, Jayne Lakissova, Julia Holter, Iris, Kate Bush, Jane Siberry.
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ARTIST : Rarareruri
TÍTLE : Wet Pillow Syndrome
TYPE : Album
TIME : 48'40"'
GENRE : Dream Pop


01. BRGW

02. Call me back, please.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. I love you; deadpanly so.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Hyperchatting 3,333333(3)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. I love everyone; I mean... Mankind, I love mankind.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Deathbed   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Shiver (DIWLIT)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. Could've, should've, would've (I kinda did)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
09. Galileo   [ DOWNLOAD ]
10. Drivethru clothes; sorry.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
11. Where are my keys   [ DOWNLOAD ]
12. Life is pretty cool, so is, like space and all that.   [ DOWNLOAD ]
13. Fear of a bigger dosage ()   [ DOWNLOAD ]
15. Brimfull lifeline.   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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