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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: "comune" offers a collection of four meditative piano pieces so extraordinarily beautiful that you won’t believe it.

This is dreamy and wistful music that somehow seems to be staring off into the distance, only occasionally waking with a start to the quirky calling of a wrinkle from the real world.

These pieces just seem to unfold, taking the listener at once to a deeper, yet buoyant place within them and each leaves you with the anticipation of the next. And I hope this has left you with the anticipation of hearing for yourself.

A must listen!
Manuel Alves

DESIGN: Satoshi Takijiri POETRY: Taku Yano

Wistfulness, joy, fleeting melancholy...
Evocative of the music of Joe Hisaishi for cheerful moments on "uzume" and more introspective pieces like "op.344" and "venice" with hints of wistfulness on the latter. The standout track is "Aoi Hasu" whose keyboard intro opens with stereo paning before the listener is embraced and carried along to the momentum of layered melody.

Some notes repeat like the rhythmic clacking of a train on tracks while other notes are sustained like the wail of a steam engine. One can almost feel the wind on her/his face as well-timed notes chime in to gradual build up. A lovely, complicated shimmering piece. This piece reminds me of the musical approach of Steve Reich, but Maruyama is on his own path on this one.
Ibrahim Khider (07.2016)

it happened about one year ago when I reviewed the Japanese musican Koji Maruyama`s issue Isos being released on Totokoko imprint in 2015 where I got acquainted with his exquisite modern classical music. In those days the artist commingled the genre with concrete sounds, however, in general his brand new one is without organic sounds (the only exception is Venice). In spite of it, this 5-notch issue is a wondrous one where Maruyama searches for balance between free flow and more determined compositions.

For instance, Venice, and op. 344 are lovely piano music based improvisations, on the other side, Aoi Hasu, which can be considered the central composition due to its length and emphasis is a remarkably more minimalism oriented pace, which is based on vowel bits to be teetered between the stereo channels and suggestive iterations and subtle droning atop. Inside the track it gets switchbacked again and again in a magnificent mode. Uzume is a very short yet the funniest whistling on the release with occasional orchestrations. Indeed, due to it the track does have inner impetus to evolve into a full-fledged one. In a word, it is a cute issue in the discography of MiMi Records.
Recent Music Hereos (09.2016)

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cos'altro se non la dedizione? le tue dita muscolose ti porteranno in alto ma quaggiù cosa lasci? case vuote e anime che con te si sono riaccese in un umido inverno, ma ora l'estate è sopra la mia testa indifesa e ciò che mi tormenta è il freddo che sento. il passato è ritornato passato, il presente mi sfiora senza toccarmi e il futuro è aria densa di fitte goccioline. Koji Maruyama suona piccole poesie impregnate di malinconica positività. Tra il bianco e l'azzurro, accarezzando tutte le tonalità intermedie, cavalcando dinamiche e andamenti, con ferma determinazione e incantevole grazia.
Netmusiclife (08.2016)

Though Comune is woefully short, it stands up to multiple listens and fills this listener with childhood storybook wonderment. “Op.344” is a lot like Keith Jarret's early work, paradoxically sparse and full, assertive, a magic tune. With its cheery wind instrument opening melody, “Uzume” follows it wth cascading piano that practically pans a wondrous anime landscape that do Hayao Miyazaki proud. A minute song, it is a well-crafted, compact diamond at that. “Aoi Hasu” opens with slow rhythmic piano that slowly gains momentum as the song progresses, a train departing a station, then picking up speed as additional piano melodies are joined by strings, chimes and wind instruments that inspire visions of pastoral landscapes. A billowing, dreamy wistfulness with a melancholic lining wafts over the track like smoke from a locomotive. “Venice” is a live recording and no less beautiful, and evokes the music of Joe Hisaishi's piano music, but taps into more complicated, intangible moods rather than just the drama of an anime soundtrack. Playful, mellifluous, wistfully melancholic with fleeting moments of joy and yearning, Koji Maruyama's Comune is one of the gems in the trove of Archive.org.
Chaindlk (27.01.2017)


ARTIST : Koji Maruyama
TÍTLE : comune
TIME : 14'45"'
GENRE : Neo-classical/Ambient


01. op. 344


02. uzume


03. aoi hasu


04. venice


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