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We are experiencing times where the vertigo for differentiation and the urgency for pioneering take us the focus of the essential: doing good stuff with good taste.

We compose, play, record and produce in a daily basis, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the marquise or in the bathroom. It's fabulous. But in the end, things are as they always were and as they always will be: good or bad. In fact, there are today more good stuff and more bad stuff. There is nothing bad about it since we assume that the process of gold mining is longer and the sieve finer.
It is important to explain that Yumiko Ueno is a "self made japanese woman", multi-instrumentalist who did everything alone: lyrics, composition, arrangements, voice and guitar. After hearing "Roar" it is clear that she has always treated his auditory pavilions very well. She surely had an immaculate education.

This first EP doesn´t bring anything new. It is a terrible frankness. It does not seek or hide from anyone that is why, without complexes, we immediately locate it in the shoegazer geography.

 “Roar" stinks to Ride (its nerve) – we are talking about a rock girl - but it is impossible not to wave Slowdive, particularly because of the voice and some delicate fingering found through the brave guitar torrent. Still, this locomotive is “Rider” than anything else: rock swing, guitar walls more syncopated than dense and fragile.
Then, inevitably and as it is often the case, there is always My Bloody Valentine to fertilize from the altar, giving life to everything that seems dead.

It is true that "Roar" also visits some dream pop (by the way, what is not dreaming in the japanese imaginary). We immediately remember ourselves from the sadly "disappeared" Asobi Seksu of Mrs. Yuki Chikudate.

You should really let be stumbled in this first breath of life and please do not lose sight of it. After all, it is not every day that someone walks so many miles to please us.
Pay attention! “Now, looking for who can play drums and who can play bass”.
If it was not so far, I would not think twice or maybe…I will do it from my room.
João Sardo

DESIGN: yumiko ueno


ARTIST : yumiko ueno
TÍTLE : roar
TIME : 18'53"
GENRE : Shoegaze


01. Shumatsu no tegami


02. Hakuraku


03. Joryu sake


04. Arishi hi


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