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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Electronic sounds, IDM and glitch from Japan. Itaru Kawai create his own sounds with Max/MSP.

COVER ART: MiMi Records


<Locations are shifting and Japan has become a major epicentre of innovative Electronica recently. Itaru Kawai from Sapporo is part of the movement and features a slightly different sound that can be heard on Logical Consumer, his latest work, that has just been released on the Portuguese MIMI netlabel.

Exploring new territories where Cristian Vogel’s hectic rhythm patterns once left off, Itaru Kawai adds conflicting rhythms, breaks, tempo shifts using a language that was influenced by Autechre’s later, rather dissonant work. On top of all there’s the chilly atmosphere of minimal Detroit Techno icons like Joey Beltram or Jeff Mills. What makes Logical Consumer so unique is the way Itaru-san has combined the influences and manages to create a blend of his own, or how he himself describes it :

My favourite tracks of Logical Consumer are:

* Bell
Indecisive chimes accompanied by a continiously stumbling, hectic beat with unexpected breaks.
* Pit 118
It’s too short, what a pity. A hectic beat that won’t get past its introductory part with altering pronounced chords involved in a question answer dialogue.
* L R Phase
Slow motion drowning in echoes. Slightly distorted, multilayerd ninths create an early-morning-seascape atmosphere.
* Reflection
The most techno like tune: Detroitish layers of ninths steadily changing their characteristics with driving percussions.

Familiar forms in a new environment, stripped down to the necessary. Domo arigato Itaru-san and Mimi for releasing this outstanding work>.
Oliver Wichmann (14.03.2006)



ARTIST : Itaru Kawai
TITLE : Logical Consumer
TYPE : Album
TIME : 27'01''
GENRE : Electronica

01. Bell   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Clic-a-translation   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Pit-118   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Clic-a-Pulsenation   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Loading   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Send-it   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. L-R-Pulse   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. Insert-a-consumre   [ DOWNLOAD ]
09. Reflection   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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