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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The word "Zousyoku" means proliferation including "intoxication". At Four dimensions Concept of "time" can't be formed., because "A thing" can't keep itself.
It has suffering from self-nonlinear ghost.
About self-nonlinear ghost,complex number is good metaphor. Little by little self-nonlinear ghost will multiply including self-intoxication,
A reference to Baudrillard or differential potentialty.

COVER ART: MiMi Records


«As my music, preceding many activities -- (Latency) (existence nature) -- it has been a problem. In the digital environment where real-time SHINSESHISU can fully be performed, intervention became possible at all musical parameters. If the language of DElEUZE is borrowed,this arrangement shows that all kinds of abstract line (an abstract line not being a geometric line) exists there, . It was possible to tell (the system which acquired latency by being wide opened from the hierarchy of tonality like ethnic music or the modal system), and (a system, such as the so-called Glitch which the noise in digital environment emergence-izes) with an equivalent viewpoint.. (Not a geometric line but one arrangement with an abstract line) when it can have the abstract line of itself, it is involved in this line. however as DElEUZE must consider the composition element of arrangement , the character of various lines, and the style of raw& word table in various domainsã€Â? moreover like Duchamp's the author deconstruction,Hesitation requires me for not coming out of a frame"Music" (Capital letter"M") a little. However, i cannot stop being the subject which is going to leave somewhere its trace. although the trace is just "my music" -- It is quite malformation for calling it an object. Probably "my music" is the {{{Object a}}} which Lacan says.And I will wander about "le sambolic"endlessly.>
- usyukuro (27.10.2006)



EDIÇÃO : Mi057
TÍTULO : Zousyoku
TIPO : Album
TEMPO : 57'47'
GÉNERO : Ambiental, Experimental


01. The Depressed   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Dousojin et kambrya   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Feldman son the koryak hut   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. The long rain   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Yakhut fight song   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. Mummified murmur   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. Neuromancer   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. Corcovado downmixdown (extra track)   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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