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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Four tracks were the guitar and the etnic roots (rythm, voice) are the main elements, giving a very "sui generis" soundscape. This surprise comes to us in the third and longest EP track where the guitar is faced and induced in a paranoid arcade game enviroment.

COVER ART: MiMi Records

<Overdose Kunst is a collaboration between the Japanese artists Takeshi F. and Yasushi K. that combines the harmonics of a distant guitar (or its left overs at times) with low-fi rumbling, tape hiss and strange wobbling noise. On Nonsight-Aural Environmenter, Mimi’s most recent release, moods and colours are rapidly changing with each track:

Forest Voyage - The bright guitar echoes combined with rumbles and tape noise chorus remind me of, uhm.. Gothic folk, but without any deep, threatening voices ;-) .

Bermuda Triangle weakling sound - The song title alone is a class of its own. The music could be labelled as slow motion Clicks and Cuts. Dampened harmonics contrast with low pass rumbling and occasional modulation outbursts leave a strange taste of solitude.

Deemployed - Bleeping sounds of a paleolithic Arcade game serve as introduction for the ep’s opus magnum. Almost unnoticed a wall of minor chords is built up and sounds are being drowned in echoes. The unpleasant feeling of getting detached with the world outside.

Usyuganasime - Deceptive happiness of bright chorus chimes getting interrupted by sound artefacts of an overused tape and consistent peaks of background noise.

“Nonsight-Aural Environmenter” by Overdose Kunst may not sound particularily polished, but nonetheless consist of interesting soundscapes of delusion without extremes. For those who are familiar with experimental sounds, this Mimi release is most likely a worthy download>.
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ARTIST : ov_dk
TÍTLE : Nonsight-Aural Environmenter
TIME : 28'50'
GENRE : Ambiente


01. Forest voyage   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Bermuda Triangle weakling song   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Deemployed   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Usyuganasime   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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